Cloud Widget Text enlarged? How to get back to normal size!

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    Hi there – I’m not sure what happened, but the text that belongs in the categories section seems to be extremely large. Take a look:

    Is anyone experiencing the same thing? If so, could you help?




    The size of each tag in the cloud increases the more you add blogs to this tag. I’m guessing you blog a lot about paintings.


    But I notice the text in wininspires’s entire sidebar is enlarged. I use Cutline too, and the text shouldn’t be that big under things like “recent comments.” If it were I, I’d try taking out the tag cloud and see if that fixes it. If so, then try putting it in a lower position in the sidebar and see if that works. Just some thoughts.



    Thanks guys! I’m going to try both things and see if it works ;)

    Cheers and happy WordPressing :)



    I had the same problem with my tag cloud. I found the answer by fiddling with the text size and line height in css.

    If you have permission to edit css, I added the following:

    li#tag_cloud.widget {

    Just fill in the X’s with the sizes that work best. I needed to make line height significantly bigger than the font size or the bigger tags ran over.


    farrell – I have been trying to get an answer to this question for the past two days. Now my tags are not running into each other thanks to your neat code. One question – I am new to CSS. Can I alter the font color as well? I can’t stand the blue.

    Thanks so much



    Yes, with CSS you can alter the color, size, font type, decoration, etc. of all the text on your blog.

    I can’t really walk you through all of it as there are different rules for the different types of text on your site. You have your main body text, link text, hover link text, visited link text, etc. You can also select text in, say, the sidebar or certain widgets.

    I’d suggest using Google to find a site that provides a basic primer on CSS and figure out what the basic code means. A hint. CSS involves the name of what you want to select with a bunch of rules in between {}.

    For example, the body text on my blog is governed by:

    body {
    font:70% Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;

    For the text, #333 (a shade of gray) is the color. You’ll need to look up CSS colors on Google as well to figure out which colors you like. Sometimes you can use words, “blue,” “black,” but there are numeric names that give you finer control.

    Good luck with it. Trial and error is the way I learned to do this at first.


    farrell – no one has explained this better than you. I’m learning – just a little slow and cautious. Thanks so much



    Thanks. I took me a while to figure it out, too. No worries. You’ll get it.

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