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    I have two blogs in by the name originsmile and onnurimedicine.
    Is it possible to club both the blogs!
    Thanking you with smile.

    The blog I need help with is


    What is that – to “club a blog”? I have never heard that expression before. A little more explanation would be nice, I think…




    Do you mean combining two blogs into one single address?



    YES, you are right airodyssey.
    Blog title ‘SuJok Blog’ and ‘Onnuri Medicine’
    I am looking for an option if someone click on SuJok Blog may also get an option to see another blog ie Onnuri Medicine.
    smile thanks for the effort!



    smile universalgeni
    Club a Blog means I am maintaining two blog ‘SuJok Blog’ and Onnuri Medicine’, if reader opt to see ‘SuJok Blog’ may also go through at the same platform to another blog.



    You can export the content from one and import it into the other one, but I don’t think that is what you are looking for.

    What you can do is to create a custom menu for each of the sites and then include a link to the other blog in the custom menu.

    Another option would be to put up a static front page on each site and then in the body of that page have a link to the other site as well as to the “posts” page of the site they are on.



    I don’t know if this is what you are after or not, but I just have a custom menu and each blog is on the menu of the other blog.



    smile thanks thesacredpath and teamoyeniyi for the efforts!

    I do not know how it has happened in front page of my blog ‘’ page title ‘origin’ if I press this page automatically my another blog title ‘’ got opened.

    I want like this page, all pages too automatically open with that blog!
    smile, Enjoy!

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