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club penguin

  1. this is great game !

  2. This is a technical help forum for people with problems on their blogs. Maybe you'd do better to post in a Club Penguin forum, or the Off Topic forum at the bottom of the page.

  3. Oh god, not again. :(

  4. That's nothing. You should have seen the porn blogger and his avatar. Quite livened up the forum for awhile there.

  5. Yep, I saw the blogger, I didn't see the original avatar. I did see the replacement one which still had far too much skin on show for the general populous' tastes though.

  6. Not to worry I reported the blog and VOILA! there must have been there than exposed skin. The blog was offed and the threads were closed.

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    I'm sending staff an email requesting that a line of text be placed next to the avatar upload box stating that no avatars depicting "private" body areas or "sexually explicit poses and acts" are allowed.

  7. That would be good TT. :)

  8. Done

  9. Good. You'd think they'd have had that at the beginning.

    I didn't go to that blog, but I did see the reaction among the few who did check it out and try to help, and whoa, can't imagine what musta been going on there. Happy not to know.

  10. I checked it out ... and, I was on that report as Mature button quicker than you could blink an eye.

  11. Try club penguin, it's rather get to throw snowballs at people! and you get to sit on them!

    NO, you don't actually CLUB a PENGUIN...

    I'm trying reaaaaaaally hard to change the topic.

  12. I tried Club Penguin. You are right, it was fun. For a ten year old. The majority of users in this forum are much older than that and the game has very limited appeal.

    Yet, we still get 11 year olds (and younger) spamming the forum with "this is great game ! " without having actually looked at what the forum is, what it's for or even having searched for the other 120,000 threads saying exactly the same thing.

  13. I don't think we can expect anything else from them. But they're kids: they are trained to follow the orders of adults. We just need to do the STERN ADULT thing.

    PS if you think it beyond you, email me and I'll go all Stern Adult on their ass.

  14. rain:

    We're not allowed to go stern adult on them. We get told off by the moderator and TPTB!

  15. I'm much older than 10 and I still find it fun! (much by a few years)

  16. We have our off topic threads, so why not let them have their own I think.


  17. Yes, the problem is we have at least eight "Club penguin is fun" threads.

  18. lol, 8 times the fun ? Maybe not.....


  19. I'm surprised there isn't an existing Club Penguin forum somewhere. Surely there must be.

  20. Good catch. Gotta save that one, I'm sure we'll be using it. The CPers will thank us.

  21. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ummmm ... you're welcome. :)

  23. Hi guys Can you tell me how to use tags best for Google if i'm creating a Blog for club penguin Any help would be gr8:)

  24. Go to the main support forum and type "Tags" into the search box. You'll find plenty of advice, especially in the FAQ.

  25. Thx raincoaster

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