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club penguin

  1. I do not get it i need rock hoppers thing can anyone tell me?

  2. plzzz/please i like really need it some one plzzz/please.....

  3. You're probably better off doing a search for Club Penguin cheats and going to those blogs. We don't give Club Penguin advice in the technical support forum.

  4. Well, he did say "plzzz", Rain.


  5. Try going to and try to find an answer there or comment in our Q&A's there and what is Rockhoppers thing?

  6. I don't respond to people who discriminate against vowels!

  7. lettershometoyou

    Penguins are reluctant to use vowels because their use promotes heat loss.

  8. Penguin skewers

    2lb penguin breasts
    2 white onions, cut into wedges
    2 red peppers, deseeded and cut into wedges
    1 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp ground black pepper
    1/2 tsp ground garlic
    1/2 tsp oregano
    1/2 tsp cumin
    1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
    4 sharp skewers
    Survival rum from the lifeboat

    Render remainder of penguin carcasses to make one cup of penguin fat and allow to set.

    Dice penguin breasts into 1in cubes.

    Mix spices into penguin fat and smear all over cubed breasts. Marinade overnight - do not leave outside tent or the cubed meat will freeze. The toe of your sleeping bag is ideal.

    Thread the onion wedges, pepper wedges and penguin cubes onto the skewers - square cross section is best to prevent the meat from rolling – alternating layers.

    Melt the remaining penguin fat and spices, then baste the penguin skewers as you roast them over a very hot fire (penguin fat is quite useful for this) but do not burn down your tent.

    Serve hot, accompanied by a tin mug of survival rum.

  9. Are rock hoppers those things we bounced around on in the 1970's? Like space hoppers only with rocks in the bottom to make it even harder work.

  10. @ rosclarke
    Nope RH is the kind hearted priate in Club Penguin

    The recipe is great of my enemy penguins

    Umm.. are you just joking or do you mean it?

  11. I mean it.

  12. pairofreds, have you emailed rock hoppers and asked for help or assistance?

  13. @mymyspacelayouts
    RH is just a Famous Penguin
    Not a staff
    and if you suggest pairofreds to email RH you should e-mail CP staff

  14. dissfunktional

    Rockhopper's Ship, The Migrator, are only available on certain days but that's all I know about Rockhopper.

    Try this Pairofreds:

    Some reading to help know how to get around over there. Have fun!

  15. Do Club Penguins have themed Myspace pages? I thought of making one but I have absolutely no idea where to start or begin.

  16. dissfunktional

    That wiki page might help you, it's good for giving us adults a friggin' clue. I didn't know that Club Penguin was so... what's the word I'm looking for... genuine? They were awarded the "Editors Choice" award from Children's Technology Review Magazine, it's primarily designed for children ages six to fourteen (but anyone can join), has qualified for the Better Business Bureau - 'Kid's Privacy Seal of Approval'.

    One of the ideas I thought was interesting is how they implemented having kids help kids, via "Secret Agents". This game looks like it could be good for helping kids with social skills, and it has safety as a top concern. Parents are involved as well.

    Much nicer and thoughtful set up than I had expected. I wish I had read up on it sooner, but I'm glad I did eventually. It'll help with giving us old folks some patience when the Club Penguiners come passing through ;)

  17. Yes, I agree, dissfunktional. I know lots of responsible parents who monitor their kids' internet access pretty carefully who let them play Club Penguin.

    But patience here on the WP forums... Hmm.

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