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Club Penguin Cheats

  1. You've got an army?!

  2. I've seen club penguin army's like his. You throw snowballs at each other and create blogs and groups where it seems like a real war, not a bunch of 10 year old clicking the snowball button like it really is.

  3. i have a great cheat

    send an email to [email redacted]
    Subject: Money
    Type your user name and pass
    then type a players name after it (there money will be added to yours)
    wait one minute there money will be sent to your account.
    p.s you must be loged out
    (and i advise you to change your pass after)!!!
    Bye hope this helps

  4. oh ya... I would love giving someone my account so I can get INVISIBLE coins that don't mean anything except getting the pretty necklace, which DOESN'T EXIST in real ife. And getting someone's account and transferring their coins, that has to be real possible, right?

  5. Go to for th best Club Penguin Cheats, tips and secrets!

  6. I know A LOT!!!!!!!!

  7. of what?

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