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    hi all, I’m new to this. This is the first question I’ve asked about my very young very first blog, so I’m sorry if it’s obvious.

    I’ve been reading about the differences between pages and posts, etc. but is there a way to group (visually) posts according to category, rather than having them all appear together at the top/front of blog? Or, is there a way to create pages that, instead of being a flat page (or linked, or imaged), is rather a mini-blog with posts specific to that page? For instance, is it possible for categories to act like individual pages/blogs, and for posts to be more fully separated by theme/subject? I have in mind something like these forums, with numerous threads of related material….

    i hope that was clear. thanks for your help! Lucy.


    I think this thread has your answers in it



    Actually, i think what you’re asking about already exists. Try clicking on one of your categories in the the category widget on your blog (not the category listed with the post). It should take you to a page that has a URL like this:

    All your categories are available like this (just add /tag/CATEGORYNAME to your regular URL)


    I’m so sorry I misunderstood your question. :(



    thanks to you both – I’ve never posted on a forum before, and wasn’t sure if anyone would reply! very helpful. this is a good place I think.





    I would be also interested by judyb12’s answer but I do not understand how I can develop this on my blog….
    I’ am not sure I understand this :
    “All your categories are available like this (just add /tag/CATEGORYNAME to your regular URL)”



    For example, I’am using the theme “Hemingway” that I like but :
    on judyb12’s example ( ) one can see a summary of the group “pages” on the frontpage…
    on mine, it doesn’t appear… how can I resolve this ?



    Dune it !!!! :-)
    Fot those who need the info : go to the menu <presentation> select <Hemingway options> and in the new window select the options for the bottom bar…. :-/

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