clustrmaps – are they conpatable with my theme/design?

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    Have seen a really nifty world map that shows where our blog visitors are based
    [antiquated looking – not good quality graphics unfortunately]

    I would love to have one on my blog but have no idea if i can inset it into the theme/design i’m using

    Theme: Unsleepable By Ben Gray

    I have to say the process of doing it, if it’s possible, fills me with trepidation!
    Anyone prepared to set it out simply?!
    I’ve worked out the widgets things – sort of
    It would have to involve that page of goodies wouldn’t it?

    Would be nice if wordpress had such an map option but more contemporary looking – is there one or others?



    I’ve used clustr maps on my blog for a while with no problem. You’ll need to take the html code that clustrmaps give you and insert it into a text widget. See this FAQ if you need help on using the text widget.



    thanx so much rosclarke!
    done it and loving seeing the little red dots all over the globe
    want to know which countries some of them are in
    especially in the far east

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