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CMS like Photo Gallery

  1. Can anyone recommend the way to incorporate a photo gallery into my site? I'm looking for something a LITTLE more fancy than a basic photo uploader but nothing crazy.

    The best way to describe what I want is thru an example..... so I will use Etsy, although it will be NO WHERE near the size of that.
    I want to have categories of photos - These are JUST examples....
    Main Category (ex. Accessories)
    Sub Categories (scarves, necklace, socks, etc.)
    Within each sub category, I want my web viewers to be able to sort by price...high/low at a minimum (although most recent sorting might be nice too)
    I'd also like thumbnails to display in both the main category area & within each sub category.
    Then for the admin side, I want my user to be able to log in w/ a separate log in to upload photos, with add/edit/delete features for the photos, captions etc.
    I want to be able to also sort by a category such as item id (if that is possible).

    I am probably way over thinking this but I am new & the options are overwhelming to me. I don't even know if I am looking for a widget or something else??

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  3. Do I need to give you a link or a regular link? I got WordPress through Go Daddy.

  4. Wrong site! Sorry

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