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  1. I have my domain pointed to my bog. MX entries are working fine, how do i set up CNAME to use the Google Apps?

  2. If you have the domain (not a subdomain) pointing at us then the CNAME is not needed.
    Did you check the faq entry ?

  3. in order to make use of google apps, like,, Google suggests to change the CNAME?

  4. On the off chance that you haven't seen this link I'm posting it for you

  5. Actually would make more sense:

  6. Thanks drmike :)

  7. Not a problem. Just noticed it myself.

  8. For now, you will need to login using the Google URL. In the future, we may add the CNAME records so you can use something like to access your Google-hosted email.

  9. why can't you just do that... it would make it so much easier and better looking

  10. Hi,

    Barry said about adding the CNAME records... Google Apps provide opportunity to customize URLs for Google-hosted pages (eg. '' instead of '' or something like that).

    Since those pages are hosted by Google, it shouldn't be a problem to get customized URL. It needs just to access CNAME records and add Google record there. How can we do that?

    (Note: I'm talking about additional Google-hosted pages AFTER the main domain is mapped and confirmed by Google Apps..)

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