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CNAME and A Records

  1. Hello,

    we have a purchased domain ( in which we have several services (mail, ftp, etc...). We would like to configure it so when it goes to the web page ( it goes to the page we have (

    As far as I know, we need to configure in our server the records such as CNAME, A, etc... and I am not being able of finding them (all info I get is for doing just the opposite, configure in wordpress DNS to go somewhere else and we would like to do just the opposite.

    Could you please provide me your CNAME, A... records?

    Thank you in advanced,
    Blog url:

  2. Hey there,

    If you choose to use a DNS provider other than, you can only make your blog accessible via a subdomain.

    We run using a wide variety of servers, so there's no single IP address we can give you for an A record.

    Instead, you'll need to create a CNAME to access your blog. For your CNAME, just enter your blog address, e.g.

    You cannot create a CNAME for the root of your domain (i.e., so you'll need to create a subdomain (i.e.

    You can learn more about mapping a subdomain here.

    If you'd like to place your blog at the root of your domain, you will need to use's DNS hosting.


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