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  1. Hi.

    I have the page

    I also have the domain

    Now, I want to re-direct my wordpress page to my domain.

    I am doing this with CNAME, but to do this I need to change my A-RECORD, but again, to do this I need a IP-address of wordpress.

    Do anyone know which IP I should use? is it just by ping my wordpress site? or are there some other IP in front of my wordpress page I should use?

    Kind Regards

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It won't work unless you buy domain mapping to map an existing domain to WordPress.

    Basically maps many blogs to a host, and it needs the mapping to know which blog to serve if it gets a request for

  3. I have done that. I already mapped it to my domain.

    I need the right IP, and wordpress dosent seem to tell me anywhere which IP I should use. :)

  4. Are you trying to map a domain or a subdomain? If you are mapping a domain you need to change your namesevers to point to WordPress as described in the above link. This will set up your "A" records correctly

  5. I have done all that, all I need is to get the IP.

    MY host name is

    I have my name server specified.

    But I need my [Type] A Record to have the correct IP, but this have to be set Manually . WordPress got to have a IP everyone uses, or, I have to use one specifically for my wordpress page.

  6. You must be doing something wrong; as soon as you map to the nameservers then you will be using a domain server on the WordPress site which already has the correct A record set.

    You can set other types of record at Store->Domains->Edit DNS in the WordPress dashboard, but the A records will be set for you

  7. i need the specific wordpress-web-server my hp is on

  8. Just found out that WordPress does not use static IP, it changes, so its not possible.

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