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CNAME probs

  1. Hi,

    I have added a subdomain to my site for example
    and i am trying to add a DNS Cname, but according to help it states
    "The CNAME should look something like the following: IN CNAME [your-blog]"

    which dont make much sence to me because in my DNS editor for my web site I have three options
    1) A drop down list called "Record Type"
    2) A free entry text box called "Record Name"
    3) A entry text box that does not allow spaces

    In option 1 i chose Cname, option 2 i entered and option 3 i entered, i then pressed save, no probs so far.

    I then went to the Dashboard of and in options > domains i added
    Which resulted in a page telling me i need credits for domain mapping and also possible problems with my is that i need to remove any existing nameservers and add etc etc.

    As far as i can tell the above error is related to mapping a domain, i want to map subdomain.

    What am i doing worng,

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi there,
    Please post the url for your blog so staff can locate your blog and assist you.

    You may also want to read this FAQs post


    I have read those FAQ's and tried to follow the steps.

    thanks in advance

  4. @portech
    Staff may require your url. Would you please post it?


  6. Have i given all the info required?

    I shouldn't have to buy credits to map a subdomain? as far as i can tell, only applicable to mapping domain.

    thanks in advance

  7. You will need to buy credits to map a subdomain. Basically, anything other than will require the purchase of the domain upgrade, whether you wish to map it to or

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