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cname to redirect to blog

  1. hi all,
    i have a registered domain and would like that when i entered in the browser, to user is redirectet to my wordpress blog (and that in the url remains the entered domain).

    I thought it could work somehow with a cname, but how do i get one?

    can somebody give me a step by step instruction what do to?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To clarify, are you trying to setup a custom domain for a blog or redirect traffic from a blog to a site setup at an outside web host?

  3. i would like the following:
    i have a registered domain ( and i have a wordpress blog (

    now i when i enter in the browser, that it redirects to my wordpress blog so that only is visible in the browser.

  4. so basically redirect a external domain to a blog

  5. Why don't you just map the domain?? - simple and your site looks professional

  6. Like auxclass said, try mapping the domain. You can find all steps your need in this support post:

  7. Shouldn't it be possible to redirect when having a domain somewhere? Like this i pay twice, once the host/domain and also here on wordpress for the mapping. I am sure there's a technial way to solve the problem. How does it work with creating a cname?

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