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    Just got better.

  2. Think this means that we can get one of their wdigets loaded here now? It's come up a few times in the past and my *cough* spies tell me that they themselves are working on a widget for WP as well. :whistle:

  3. Does this mean we can subscribe to something that will show us all the comments on someone else's site?

  4. nosysnoop - yep :)
    We can follow comments on others posts without having to make a comment and without having to use rss.

  5. Podz- Please enlighten me on this: what ineresting applications do you see for following the comments made on someone else's site? In other words, convince me that this feature is worth celebrating.

  6. I can already follow any comments on a site by using my feed reader.
    This makes it easier.

    Example: nosysnoop posts something about Sigourney Weaver. I read the post, see a few comments but I have nothing to add. I'm interested (because it's Sigourney) but I have nothing I can contribute. So I check a box - because that's all you do - and cocomment takes care of the rest. Because we all forget stuff.

    And it's free.

  7. Thanks for the clarity. I'm already registered ;)

  8. i'd _much_ rather see subscribe to comments than cocomment. cocomment is really no better than having a tag for "commented".

  9. True, but given a thread a while ago about email addresses being known to blog owners, at least this way only cocomment know?

  10. They should figure out something that makes people not to talk to themselves on your site. :)

  11. email addresses are known to blog owners anyway, since some sort of email is usually required. unless the author has anonymous commenting enabled. i can't see that as a bad thing.

    @nosy -
    write yourself some guidelines, and then start mercilessly deleting duplicate or secondary posts. people will get the hint pretty quickly.

  12. sunburntkamel - agreed. I care not about mine.
    Others disagree:

  13. wow, privacy on the internet. i wonder if that means they think they get their own tube to send packets through?
    clearly, i'm out of touch with the masses.

  14. so does this mean we'll see
    the little cocomment javascript on our comment pages soon?

  15. Cheeky boy - I've been wondering when someone would bring that up.

  16. write yourself some guidelines, and then start mercilessly deleting duplicate or secondary posts. people will get the hint pretty quickly.

    But I don't want to drive away people. Now some are even arguing with other commenters. Now that's funny!

  17. Didn't we also have someone suggest a few days ago that having a list of the locations (countries) of where bloggers were coming from would be a good idea?

  18. mine have yet to scare away even the most abstruse semantic debaters. but then, i invite them. any sufficiently long comment thread generally involves people debating each other as well as the post author.

  19. @sunburntkamel

    Oh my - "abstruse semantic debaters" - "take me to that blog" [she commanded]. Hola - [she said placing her hand on her fluttering heart] I do so love it when guys are both articulate and geeky speaky in the same posting. ;D]

  20. I like Commentful. It's got a cleaner interface, and I couldn't get cocomment to work the first time I tried it.

    Here's a comparative article:

  21. I wish I never allowed comments on my site. The same twat from Plano, Texas is leaving certain comments just to piss me off knowing that I'll delete it after. And he's just one in a long line of idots that I see everyday.

  22. @ tt -

    glad i could entertain ;)

    @nosy -

    go to options > discussion, and add his IP address or email address to the moderation queue. (indefinite moderation is usually more annoying than outright blocking, thus more likely to prompt them to move on, rather than making use of anonymizers.)

  23. They'll just come back with new IP numbers like before.

  24. Don't know if it'll work but if they're coming from the same community and ISP, you can add in just the first three sections of the IP address.

    For example, if they're coming in from '', add in '1.2.3'

    Can't remember if that works with WordPress. I would think it would.

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