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CODE and QUOTE Buttons

  1. I have noticed that CODE and QUOTE buttons don't work on WP forums (in other words these ones we are currently using). I posted a reply to one query but the code did not come out right. See this link:

    Now it looks like a spam when it fact it was a genuine problem with these forums. I haven't tried again but we don't have a test forums here like Adobe has so there is no way to see whether this was a one-off or not.

    Hope somebody can post a reply how HTML code can be posted here whenever necessary. Perhaps HTML codes are not allowed (security reasons again !!!!) like the blogs themselves then that is it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. testing block quote


  3. well the blockquote works for me above.

    instead of using code:
    look on your keyboard: to the left of number 1 or above the (tab) key:
    there should be a backwards looking apostrophe.
    this is called a back tick.
    use one at the beginning of a line of code and one at the end.

    These work much better than <code></code>

    hope that helps.

  4. In that reply you used "quote" instead of "code." I can tell by the font. Code will always show in the monospaced font like in dlager's second reply. Quote will use the standard forum content font as shown in his first reply.

  5. Not exactly. I tried some test at this link:

    Look at the last few items where I tried to post some basic html code and it just didn't come out right.

    It is difficult to put the code here unless it is simple CSS but I will try to look at a document that tells you how to do it properly. Let me find the document first and I will post back.

  6. Here is the document. Perhaps I need to use the code in a particular way to get it right:

    I'll work on it and test it on the "Off Topic" forum to see if it works.

  7. No it doesn't work. I made two tests and it does not show the code. The two links are:

  8. The code buttons work for me but I prefer to to post code between backtics.

  9. @timethief

    Can you post a simple HTML code? e.g. a link but putting the proper html code rather than just pasting it which does not show the code.

  10. This is the "code" test.

    <a href=""><em><strong>Words used as a link</strong></em></a></p> <p>.css-class {<br /> font-size: 150%;<br /> color: #CC0000;<br /> text-decoration: underline;<br /> }

  11. <a href="">Words used as a link</a>

  12. Huh, you are right it is broken.

    <a href="">Words used as a link</a>

  13. OK, don't use the "code" tags. Use the backtick character instead. That works.

  14. @thesacredpath
    just got back to this thread ... flagging for Staff attention

  15. @jtanna01
    Thanks for the report.

  16. @thesacredpath

    Your second link came out right so I need to learn the backtick method. The reason I found this is because somebody was having a problem to post a link on facebook so I wanted him/her to post the full link on the facebook linking to her blog but I couldn't. the full link always works because all social media websites have some restrictions unless you know how to by pass it.

    See this link and perhaps you guys may won't to suggest something else:

  17. The backtick (not to be confused with the singe quote) is found on the key to the immediate left of the number 1 key. It's in lower case ` on the same key as the tilde ~ which is in upper case.

  18. Oh I was experiencing the same here. and I tagged modlook to remove those silly comments with messed code. I thought it to be my fault (as I always think) so I didn't report it. Nevertheless thanks to jtanna01 for bringing this up.

  19. Thanks TT!
    The back tick method worked. I've learnt another new thing. Thanks :)

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