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Code for hidden notes

  1. cathicarolblog

    "<!-- ... -->

    gets changed to <!-- ... -->

    then doesn't work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. cathicarolblog

    OK, that didn't show up right. Hope someone understands what I'm asking anyway.

  3. I'm aorry but I don't know what you are referring to. Please be descriptive so we can help you. Eaxctly what are you trying to accomplish? Please also provide a link to the post or page you are experiencing this issue on.

  4. "aorry" was meant to be "sorry"

  5. cathicarolblog

    Who are you?

  6. I am a Volunteer and this is a peer support forum where your fellow bloggers answer support questions. I have been here for 6 years answering questions. I will either be able to help you or be able to refer this to Staff.

  7. Are your referring to the code to use to split content in posts or pages by customizing "the more tag"?

  8. cathicarolblog


    I am disabled and I'd appreciate very much not having to go back and forth with someone who doesn't recognize this code.

    If you are able to refer this to Staff, would you, please?

    Thank you.

  9. I am also disabled and visually challenged. As soon as you clearly state what you need help with you will be closer to getting help.

  10. Cathi..., I tried the hidden comment code and it did work for me. Are you doing your editing in the HTML tab? If not, you need to switch to it to add your hidden comment.

  11. cathicarolblog

    I did. Do you have CFS? If you don't, then you don't know how trying this is. Every movement is difficult. Please don't ask me again for more information. If you don't get it, pass it on.


    This code is standard and quite common. Anyone who understands HTML should know what it stands for.

    Please refer this to Staff. Thank you.

  12. cathicarolblog

    Yes, the HTML tag always.

  13. cathicarolblog

    This is too much stress. I'm gone.

  14. cathicarolblog

    I meant HTML TAB.

    My question was clear from the beginning.

    I hope to hear back next from someone who doesn't beat up on questioners because they don't take the time to read the headline.

  15. Sorry, I was just trying to help since it did work for me, just another WordPress user who thought she could offer a suggestion. i am very familiar with the comment code and I was able to use it on my blog. I am sure timethief has handled the referral.

  16. @cathicarolblog

    I hope to hear back next from someone who doesn't beat up on questioners ..

    I did not "beat up on you" and I'm appalled that you would make such a dishonest allegation. I also flagged this thread for Staff attention some time now.

  17. My experience has been that these forums offer responsive, thoughtful, accurate, and authoritative information from its volunteers like timethief, panos, rain coaster, sacredpath and others. So many forums are black holes, but here questions are addressed promptly and resolved by this team of volunteers or taken care of by staff when they get to a thread. Believe me it is appreciated by those who ask the questions and those of us who get the benefit of the answers when we search.

  18. @cathicarolblog: Instead of accusing fellow bloggers who are only eager to help, and instead of claiming that your question "was clear from the beginning" while you wrote that <!-- ... --> gets changed to <!-- ... --> (which is the exact same correct tag), try checking the instructions below the reply field to learn how to display code.

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