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Code for initial line indentation

  1. I'm looking for the code for the indentation of the first line of a new paragraph of text - for specific posts and pages, NOT for all posts and pages (i.e. for the HTML editor, not for the CSS editor). As in the case of book text, I want the indentation WITHOUT a blank line between paragraphs.

    Earlier, justpi wrote in response to my initial query, made under another topic headline:
    "Yes, I know what you were thinking of. My question was whether you want that for all paragraphs of all your posts and pages, or for specific paragraphs or posts or pages. In the first case you'll need to add code in the CSS editor, in the second case you'll need code in the HTML editor. You must also clarify if you want indentation plus blank line between paragraphs, or (in true book fashion) indentation instead of blank line."

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Simplest way is to use this at the beginning of each paragraph:
    <span style="margin-left:32px;">FIRST WORD HERE</span>

    and use line breaks instead of paragraph breaks to separate the paragraphs (i.e. one instead of two returns in the HTML editor, shift-return in the Visual editor).

  3. Thanks. This came in handy for the reproduction of a historic letter at Death of a zeppelin. (Page not finished yet.)

  4. You're welcome!

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