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Code for wordpress tags causing invalidation

  1. The code for adding WordPress tags to a post is causing invalidation. The problem seems to be that the href value is not within quotes.

    I tried with 3-4 themes, same story.


  2. Can you give a specific example of the "tag"?

    Do you mean the bold and italic tags, the category tags, technorati tags or something entirely different?

    Can you also give a link to a page that displays the problem?


  3. Which validator are you using?

    What's the actual error?

    Did you do a search and read this thread already covering this? :)

    Here's another one.

  4. The wordpress tags that are created using categories of the post, it is added in the postmetadata. Here is an example:

    <p class="postmetadata">Posted in <a href= title="View all posts in blogging" rel="category tag">blogging</a>, <a href= title="View all posts in web" rel="category tag">web</a>

    If you notice, the value of href attribute is not in quotes. I have used the W3C validator.

    drmike: I searched the forums, but this is a different problem. This did not exist before, my guess is this would be happening for all blogs.


  5. Staff has stated that the pages are currently not XHTML and that they are working on it. :)

  6. Thanks drmike.

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