Why is my code getting truncated?

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    I\’m trying to add a bit of code from my Etsy online store to my blog\’s sidebar to make an \”Etsy mini,\” a block of images from my online store. I am trying to add it to the \”text\” widget. But every time I add it and hit save, the code gets shortened and only the actual code is visible on my blog, not the images that I\’m trying to add.

    The code I\’m trying to paste in is:

    <script type=\’text/javascript\’ src=\’http://www.etsy.com/etsy_mini.js\’></script><script type=\’text/javascript\’>new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(10847510, \’shop\’,\’thumbnail\’,4,2).renderIframe();</script>

    It gets shortened to:

    new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(10847510, \’shop\’,\’thumbnail\’,4,2).renderIframe();

    Can you help me with this?
    Thank you,
    Mary Anne
    Blog url: http://silverpearlmetalworks.wordpress.com/



    Script tag is not allowed on WordPress.com. For detailed information on the type of the code allowed, please visit:

    Do they provide alternative embed option such as a generated image?

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