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Code messed up do I restore?

  1. I was trying to post to the Yeah Write board which asks me to add a widget code into the html of my post. Without this, I can't join the link up. Well, I tried to do this and totally messed up the formatting of my post.

    Here are my questions:
    1.Can you restore my post to it's original beauty? It is all code-looking now.
    2. Can you tell me how to add in the badge widget without screwing this up in the future? Here is the badge code:
    <img src="">

    Here is what Yeah Write asks me to do:
    Under the badge is a few lines of code. Copy that exactly then paste it into the “text” or HTML view of your post editor. If you don’t copy it exactly, you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app.

    This sounds simple, but I have failed numerous times. Please advise!!

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That is just the code for an image. That won't screw up a post, which is what makes me think there's actually more code you didn't post. If so, post it here between CODE tags so it all shows up.

    I don't see any errors in your blog, actually. It's a nice-looking blog, perfect for its audience.

    Anyway, you need to add CODE to the TEXT editor, not the Visual editor. Click to the text editor and add the code in there. If you're worried it'll mess up your post, add it to the BOTTOM, the very last thing. If it works, you can then cut and paste that code wherever you want it in the post.

  3. Thanks for your quick response. I added the code to the Text editor. It only messed up that one post, but it is one of my favorite posts. I'm so bummed and really just want to get it to look like the rest of my blog again.

  4. Post all the code here between CODE tags so we can see it. Also, go to Settings->Writing and select "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and save. Then edit the post again, making any change at all. That should fix it.

  5. Thank you SO much. I changed the settings and it worked. Massive relief!

    Now, if I want to add a badge in and have to do so by adding in a code, how do I do this? I don't want to screw everything up again. This is the badge code.

    <img src="">

    Thanks again for all of your help.

  6. That cannot be all of the badge code, can it? If it is, it's just a small image and shouldn't screw up anything at all.

    You just paste that into the Text editor wherever you want it, then you can click over to the Visual editor and use the alignment buttons to move it around.

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