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code - php, javascript, or something like that...

  1. I want to post the script code. If I post the code between code tag, its make sense to me that the script will be not processed. But, I dont know the wordpress's editor change my code. Very boring to programmers.

    Is this have solution?

  2. We can't have javascript due to security reasons. If your blog qualifies, you could see if you can get into VIP Blogging:

    Or if you know how to, you can host your own site yourself. But here at they don't allow javascript.

  3. Hi, thanks to reply...
    I want post the code, only code of my programs (in php, html, javascript, etc). But, always the editor change my code.

    For example, in foruns, if you put code [code] tag, the content inside of this tag will not processed.

    In here, code tag will change my html tags, spaces, etc...

  4. This is a multi-user blogging platform and allowing such code to be used would compromise security. The programming will strip out all javascript, iframes, tables, forms and media embeds (except for grouper, google, youtube and odeo).

  5. You mean you don't want to use the code, you just want to post the code, as text? I'm certain that there's a way to do that, but unfortunately I don't know it. Have you tried just putting extra spaces between your < and > brackets and the content between them?

  6. @muneo,
    I think I know what you mean now I have looked at your blog. Put the code betweeen backticks and it will not be stripped out like this 'put code here`.
    P.S.Thanks rain(coaster).

  7. backticks only work in the forums.

    to post code in your blog, paste what you want into the "visual" tab of the editor, then switch over to the "code" tab. select what you just pasted in and click the code button at the top (this will insert <code> tags around it).
    if you have tab indents, you'll also want to put <pre> tags around your code.

    (the reason for pasting into the visual editor is that it will automatically convert < symbols into html entities ( &lt; ), so that when you post, they don't get stripped or processed)

  8. @kamel
    Thanks for jumping in the deep end and sorting this. :)

  9. You mean you don't want to use the code, you just want to post the code, as text?

    How about getting a screenshot of the text and post it as an image?

  10. Nosy, then you can't cut and paste the code if you want to use it. :)

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