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    I think i would have gone through most of the articles on the site for Tags but i have no idea what i am doing wrong or missing. I want to have tags at the bottom of every post i i would need to input them while writing. I went to ,among other , Keotag. followed the instructions and got the following code

    <div class=”tags”>technorati tags: </div>

    I took this code and pasted it on a blog..but the problem is that it shows exactly like above… and not as a single word… the words i tried out with were “sanjay” and “dutt” , but after saving the blog i dont get those 2 words i get the entire code showing on the site..

    What am i doing wrong?




    It’s very easy using Keotag . You simply enter the words you want to create as a keyword; if there is more than one word, you add a plus (+) symbol between them, for you it would be sanjay+dutt . You then click the little Technorati box, and that will generate the tag. After that you want to insert the line of text into the code part of the visual editor (click the Code tab). When you click back to Visual, it should display the tag.

    This would be your code: <div class="tags">technorati tags: <a href="" rel="tag">sanjay dutt</a> </div>

    To be honest, though, not many people bother with them. Technorati is automatically pinged whenever you do a post; unless you just want to display them for appearances, they really don’t serve much of a purpose.



    Don’t bother with Technorati tags. Technorati is a waste of time, all they do is drive traffic away from your site and to Technorati.


    Yeah. That method is for blogs that don’t correctly put the tags in the RSS feed. It allows Technorati to identify which tags to apply. Unfortunately, it also drags traffic away from you.

    But, you don’t have to worry about that on Just assign Categories to your entries when you write them. correctly inserts them as tags in the RSS feed for Technorati (and other blog search/aggregators) to pick up.

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