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    I was wondering if it would be possible to show the code references in GlotPress projects that are set up on, to give a bit more context reference to translators.

    This is the way it is set up on, and while obviously there will not be a link to the actual code for version, a piece of data like wp-includes/default-widgets.php is very helpful for giving the idea how the string might be used. The code references are visible in e.g. Poedit, but we want to encourage the use of GlotPress and not every contributor will have rights to import .po files (and will want to use Poedit, for that matter).

    What do you think? Is it reasonable/feasible?


    Member has older version of GlotPress that the one on .org. I believe that it needs to be updated to the current trunk version to support references and percentage of completion for each language.



    Actually they are the exact same core version, but uses additional plugins (like language ranking, and so on).


    This would be more than a technical decision, as (unlike, which is open-source) we’d be pointing at potentially sensitive parts of’s extensions of core. Let me run the idea internally and get back to you on this, ok?

    PS-I understand that you already can filter in GlotPress by folder name, such as the one you mention above, so that my concern may perfectly be moot.



    @vanillalounge: just to clarify, I am not suggesting that translators be able to view the code itself (although if it’s all supposed to be GPL, why not? :), just that whatever is visible in Poedit (or by opening the .po file in a text editor) be displayed in GlotPress.

    And if it’s not too much hassle, the “completion bars” like for .org would be nice too. Not a must, just enhancing translator experience :)



    +1 @jenia

    Sometimes I have to download the untranslated strings in .po format, only to find out the mentioned reference.

    +1 @kenan3008
    (percentage of completion for each language)



    I created a patch for this 5 months ago, but as other patches, it isn’t committed.


    @miladin you are absolutely right. I propose we revive the dormant to start a discussion on how to move ahead quickly with GlotPress 1.0, including team organization, core committers and dev talks.



    Great idea! There are some folks on the Russian loc team who also have patches waiting to be submitted (including the one that made it possible to localize GlotPress itself). I don’t code but will be more than happy to help with testing!

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