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    Hi! So, how do I get around those restrictions, if I want to add a “follow me on Twitter” link, or a badge for Duke City Fix (which has “embed” in it) to my blog?

    I got one of those “add this” buttons but that’s really what I was looking for.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m happy to hear the help I gave you in the other thread resulted in your posting of the AddThis button.

    There are many Twitter follow me buttons on the internet that you can use that do not contain restcted code. You can add any “follow me me on Twitter” buttons that do not contain javascript or other restricted code and place it in either a text widget or an image widget.

    You cannot install an embed. You can capture an image and then link to the Duke City Fix site in an image widget or a text widget.

    See > image widget

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