Code to change color of post titles doesn't work

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    Hello! complete newbie here, I will try ask my question properly:

    I am learning how to create a website,

    It is my intention to create an archive page that will look simple and efficient like this. In order to do so, I installed the plugin Simple Yearly Archive.

    I then created an “Artículos” (articles) page to function as an archive. I wrote a shortcut and as a result my archives page now looks like this. Red is the default color that comes with my theme, Kelly.

    I simply need to change the color to blue, but all the pieces of code I have found online haven’t worked, and I have been trying for hours. I even tried checking the source code, but it is a bit confusing and I am afraid of doing something I should not.

    I know there are many similar threads out there asking the similar questions, but I have tried all of them and I am a bit at a loss. I you can find the time to have a look a this I would be extremely grateful.

    Please let me know if I didn’t correctly follow the etiquette, this is my first time posting and I have a lot to learn^^



    Hi there,

    Your site is not hosted by us ( It is using the self-hosted version of WordPress and it is hosted by Siteground.

    We’re only able to provide support for WordPress websites that are hosted by us. For help with a self-hosted WordPress site you need to ask over at the forums:

    If you want to know more about the differences between and the self-hosted you can read this article:



    Oh, sorry, I dodn’t see your reply until now. I am a bit confused about the differences between and .org, I am definitely going to read about it, thanks for the links and for replying!



    You’re welcome :)

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