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    What is the CSS code and how do you enter said code to change color of page name and site title?

    The blog I need help with is


    Site title (edit placeholder hex color code as desired).

    #header h1, #header h2 {
    color: #CC0000 !important;

    Page titles., {
    color: #CC0000;

    Go to appearance > custom design, click on the CSS tab at top, delete all the informational text in the edit window, paste in the two bits of code above and edit the colors as desired.


    Oh, and you can then click preview to take a look (sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page) and when happy with the change, click the “save stylesheet” button.


    Hi Guys,

    Very new to wordpress and attmepting to custom design my blog. This thread is exactly what I was looking for…. but even if I copy and paste the exact code you have above, preview the page and refresh it… nothing happens.

    I have tried using your code and also changing the colour to #ffff33.

    Nowt happens! Help!

    Blog is oneyorkshirepudding




    CSS is theme specific. You are using a different theme so that means the solution for you will very likely be different.

    Site title and tagline.

    .blog-name a:link, .blog-name a:visited {
    color: #05181F;
    .description {
    color: #05181F;

    Page title and post title on single-post pages (non-link).

    .post-info h1 {
    color: #959EA1;

    Post title on main blog page (link).

    .post-info h1 a:link, .post-info h1 a:visited {
    color: #959EA1;


    @littleyorkshirepudding is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    This is the CSS customization forum and all CSS editing here is theme specific so if you are also using the same theme ie. Elegant Grunge then you have posted correctly here. However, at this juncture you have not posted an active link to the blog in question starting with http:// so we cannot verify that the blog your refer is or is not a free hosted blog and we do not know which theme you are using. If you are not referring to the same theme then please create your own thread.



    I didn’t refresh – sorry :(


    No worries. I clicked on the username and got the same thing and then took a chance and used the blog name they referenced in the URL and the site came up.


    Thanks for the feedback. I paid the $99 for ‘custom’ design…not sure what that means yet :-D my page is Yes using Elegant Grunge and trying to splash hints of color here and there. No nothing of coding…a fast study but rushed to get this up. Will try your suggestions and let you know…thanks!


    You are welcome.


    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your advice so far. My blog is:

    and I’m using the theme Wu Wei. I had previously tried copying and pasting what I thought might be the appropriate sections from the Wu Wei style sheet into the custom design CSS box and then changing the colour.. but again no luck. Ho hum.

    Ok, I’m off to re-post this in a new thread as requested. Cheers!


    Weird, I just tried it again and it worked! Haven’t reposted as I seem to have sorted it. Thanks for all your advice. ;-)


    The second bunch of code I posted was for your theme. The first bit was not.

    You are welcome.

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