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Coke or Pepsi

  1. This is a game where I will ask a question such as "Coke or Pepsi" and te next poster will answer the question and then ask a question of there own for the net poster to answer... and so on...

    I will start...


    Coke or Pepsi?

  2. I like this one. I'm in.

    Diet Pepsi with lime.

    Ferrari or Lamborghini?

  3. Lamborghini - they're cuter

    Democrat or Republican?

  4. They're both right-wing, but at least democrats are closer to the middle.

    Spelling: American English or Commonwealth English?

  5. commonwealth for me.

    chocolate or vanilla?

  6. I'm with you on the commonwealth sulz... only I don't see the need to use the 'commonwealth' - it's just English (the other stuff the Yanks use is 'lazy English' ;) )

    Chocolate all the way baby!

  7. Errr... and mine -

    Butter or Margarine?

  8. margerine [olivio actually]. i can't stomach butter. damn dairy...makes my stomach reel.

    brussel sprouts or brocolli?

  9. brussel sprouts

    dogs or cats?

  10. I prefer 'American' (if you don't wanna call it 'English') :)

    And before I forget, cats.

    Alternative or Rock?

  11. withmalice: we have things in common. chocoholic speaking here! =)

    devblog: err, is there a difference between the two? lol.

    alternative, i think.

    sugar or spice?

  12. spice
    red or pink?

  13. PINK!

    dolphin or whale?

  14. Dolphins all the way, baby! (go Miami!!!)

    Yankees or Mets?

  15. Mets

    Summer or winter?

  16. Summer
    adventure or adversity?

  17. Adventure.

    Deciduous or Coniferous?

  18. Coniferous!

    Twosome or Threesome? : )

  19. Twosome!

    Mac or PC?

  20. PC

    spontaneous or planned?

  21. Spontaneous.

    Sunset or sunrise?

  22. Sunrise

    Cheech or Chong?

  23. Chong.

    Kaiser or Frazer.

  24. Kaiser. Gotta luv a man in uniform.

    Cretaceous or Jurassic?

  25. Jurassic

    Cell phone or land line?

  26. cell phone of course!

    black or white?

  27. Black text on white background seems to be the most popular nowadays, although it requires more energy to display..

    Science Fiction or Fantasy?

  28. Science Fiction

    Red Head or Blonde?

  29. whoops, ..... system hiccup!

  30. i'd be a red head any day.

    hairy or waxed?

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