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Coke or Pepsi

  1. Here, you say two different things and the next person answers the question. Then, they answer the question. I'll start.
    Coke or Pepsi?

  2. Thread moved from support forum section to off topic forum section.


    Ford or GM?

  3. Ford.

    Ketchup or BBQ Sauce?

  4. BBQ sauce

  5. sprite or rootbeer?

  6. BBQ Sauce

    Red or White wine

  7. White.

    Kraft Mac and Cheese or Velveeta and Shells?

  8. Velveeta.
    Football or baseball?

  9. Velveeta and Shells.

    Chicken: Fried or grilled?

  10. Grilled.

    Hockey or baseball?

  11. I think COKE is best

  12. lol I'll getcha Carrie


    Doritos or Fritos


  13. Dorito's for the simple fact we don't get Frito's.

    Edward Cullen or Angel?

  14. Angel by far!

    Star wars or Star Trek?

  15. Star Wars... Though I Love Star Trek

    Cat or Dog


  16. Cat.

    Jam or marmalade

  17. theinsanityaquarium


    Tea or Coffee?

  18. Tea

    Iphone or Android?

  19. phoenixtearsheal


    jumper or hoodie?

  20. Hoodie (Love Hoodie Mafia :D )

    Glomerular or Juxtamedulary?

  21. There's 2 L's in Juxtamedullary buddy, lol

    So if yer goina try to stump us, get it right, lol

    And to be Honest, after Discussing it with My Good Friend Mr. Webster... I find I don't have a preference :)

    Vanilla or Chocolate


  22. Thank you for making my day @darkjade.

    Vanilla - good vanilla.

    Gus Grissom or Jethro Gibbs?

  23. phoenixtearsheal

    @ Jade lol :D

    aarrgh! you're making us choose tween Grissom and Gibbs no that's too cruel I like all of them, Mac too :)

    Flowers or Chocolates?

  24. Chocolates
    China cup & saucer or pottery mug

  25. @Ready & Dove lol

    China Cup & Saucer

    Cherry or Grape


  26. Cherry.

    Kindle or Nook?

  27. @Darkjade you broke the rules. lol You had to select one there.
    ereader :)
    But from these two I'll pick Kindle.

    Blogging or tweeting?

  28. Ummmm...blogging.

    Sam Seaborn or Josh Lyman?

  29. Damn. I just read the WHOLE thread only to two people I've never heard of. Google tells me they are from The West Wing, which I used to watch a few years ago.

    I'll go with Josh.

    CSI or Special Victims Unit?

  30. CSI

    Your place or mine?


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