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Coke or Pepsi

  1. Egland

    Love or Hate?

  2. Love, never hate.
    Flora or Fauna?

  3. Both

    Doorbell - Ding or Buzz?

  4. Buzz. Only because we have a doorbell at work and it constantly rings AGH! MY BRAIN!

    Left or Right (handed)

  5. Yes
    Credible or Incredible?

  6. Incredible
    Pie or Cake?

  7. marcobigliazzi


    Dick or pussy?

  8. LMFAO... I'll go with the P word. XD
    Fire or Water?

  9. Fire

    Spaghetti or maccheroni?

  10. Stew

    Character or Reputation?

  11. Character

    Money or Love?

  12. Love
    Treacle toffee or toffee apple?

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