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Coke or Pepsi

  1. Modern Family :)

    chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes?

  2. Modern Family!! I love that show.

    Love or Lust?

  3. Seinfeld.
    wal-mart or target?

  4. seinfeld.
    subway or walking?

  5. sorry, my bad!
    Seriously though, subway or walking?

  6. I don't live near a subway, but I'd still say walking.
    The whole idea of subways creeps me out, and I've seen too many episodes of Law and Order where people have been pushed into one.

    Iced Tea or Hot Tea?

  7. Hot T!

    Sleeping all day long or partying all night long

  8. partying all night long.
    swimming in freezing cold water or burning hot water?

  9. Freezing water, at least my nipples would be hard. hahaha

    Blockbuster or Netflix?

  10. Blockbuster

    "Straight up" or "on the rocks"?

  11. on the rocks.

    going to an art gllery or being an artist and showing your work?

  12. hollythestrange

    Going to a gallery.

    Drawing or looking at other people's drawings?

  13. drawing.
    writing or reading?(school)

  14. Looking at other people's.

    TP Over or Under?

  15. OVER! I hate under.

    and to answer the other one, writing because things you read at school are boring.

    Shower or bath?

  16. Shower, why? 'cause the dirt is gone right away. In bath you lay down in your own dirt.. (and there are no cheap hotels in Asia with baths..)

    Red or Green Curry?

  17. Red Curry...(simply love India cuisine)

    Mountain Forest or Ocean Beach?

  18. Mountain forests.
    Cats or dogs?

  19. Dogs

    The Beatles or The Ramones?

  20. Beatles!!

    Color or B/W photographs?

  21. Color

    Eating or Sleeping?

  22. sleeping.(I hardly get enough)
    always having something stuck in your teeth or always having a bad hair day?

  23. always having something in my teeth. at least i can hide them by not smiling.

    being bipolar or having heart problems?

  24. heart problems...

    A hard one;

    Pol pot or Adolf hitler (maybe which one is worse, than better...)

  25. 13thfloorgrowingold

    I'd rather be Hitler.He had a fine lady in Eva Braun.He was pretty artistic.And he was really insane to the point of relishing it.Pot Pol I think would be way to boring.But at the same time Pot Pol lived a longer life.But it was probably pretty boring and shitty cause of his ideals.Tough choice.I'll stick with Hitler though.

    John Travolta's toupee or Chuck Norris's toupee?

  26. Chuck Norris, what isn't awesome about him?

    Bar soap or shower gel?

  27. Bar soap. I have really sensitive skin and shower gel is too harsh.

    peanut or pretzel m&ms?

  28. Peanuts!!

    Lightning or Thunder

  29. Lightning. I live in Jo'burg. Nothing like an electric storm in Africa.
    Leather or Silk

  30. Silk because I couldn't kill an animal to have something to wear. But if it was fake, then leather. Because it's a lot more attractive.

    Girl band or boy band?

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