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Coke or Pepsi

  1. @Sarahtylerdeen So the dead silk worms who get cooked alive don't count?

    I'd say boybands. Too many bitchfights in girlbands.

    Jungle or tundra?

  2. @sarahtylerdeen So the silk worms that get cooked alive don't count?

    Too much bitching in girlbands so boybands please.

    Jungle or tundra?

  3. @sarahtylerdeen So the silk worms that get cooked alive don't count?

    Too much bitching in girlbands so boybands please.

    Jungle or tundra?

  4. @sarahtylerdeen So the silk worms that get cooked alive don't count?

    Too much bitching in girl bands so boy bands please.

    Jungle or tundra?

  5. Meh, sorry about that. It didn't show the post. Sometimes patience is a virtue I don't have... :D

  6. SILK IS MADE OUT OF WORMS!? I guess I'm probably the dumbest person now for not knowing that. But anyway, worms don't count. Call me a hypocrite, but I just don't like bugs.

  7. You're supposed to ask another question after you answer the question that was just asked.
    Being vegetarian or being pesketarian? (only plants and seafood)

  8. alifebewhiskered

    Vegetarian (because I am!)

    And no one answered kiwikar, so I'll say jungle.

    Cheese: Strong or mild?

  9. strong

    boyfriend/girlfriend or best guy/girl friend?

  10. best guy/girl friend

    sky-diving or bungee jumping?

  11. ungabungagirlw

    sky diving, I don't want to be tethered when I smash into the earth cuz it will happen if I do either.

    beer and burger or wine and steak?

  12. beer and burger! but i mean, if I could choose something else, vodka and chicken nuggets!

    spongebob or the rugrats?

  13. alifebewhiskered

    Rugrats. Spongebob annoys me.

    Beard or no beard?

  14. whitewinterrose

    No beard :P

    Chocolate or Sweets?

  15. chocolate.
    the mix of spanish and english is spanglish, while french and english is franglish
    what's the miss of spanish and french?

    spench or franish?

  16. THANK YOU FOR SAYING RUGRATS! Spongebob annoys me too.

    paper or plastic? lmao

  17. oops, and i forgot to answer. haha i fail.


  18. paper??
    day or night?

  19. Night

    Inny or outty?

  20. outty!

    70's or 80's?

  21. 80's

    strawberry shortcake or peach cobbler?

  22. alifebewhiskered

    Peach cobbler.

    Rabbit or Guinea Pig?

  23. Rabbit

    steak or cake?

  24. i don't really like either. but if the cake didn't have frosting, then i'd choose cake.

    disney or nickelodeon?

  25. nickelodeon

    Italian or Chinese food?

  26. chinese food

    noodles or ramen?

  27. alifebewhiskered

    Noodles. I don't know what ramen is :(

    Contact lenses or glasses?

  28. 13thfloorgrowingold

    You don't know what a ramen is?

    You are lucky beyond your comprehension,believe that. Contacts.I been wearing them for years.Glasses suck in my opinion when you have really bad sight.

    If you had to be punched,
    head or gut?

  29. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT RAMEN IS!? I'm pretty sure in some cultures, that's considered a sin.

    But, I'd rather be punched in the gut. It oddly makes me laugh before I puke!

    Punch a baby or a dog?

  30. :O whaaat seriously?

    Ok fine i'd punch a dog but only if it was a big mean dog that had done something i.e eaten somebody and deserved to be punched. Trust me theres logic in that.

    Anyhow where was I? Oh yeah,

    Kiss a frog or kiss a monkey?

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