Collaborative RSS feed?

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    Hi. Is it possible to create a page that displays a running RSS feed where visitors can “star”, and comment on, individual items in the feed?

    I saw the RSS widget which will display the feed along the side but there didn’t seem to be an interactive component.

    Perhaps there’s another web service that implements such a thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Any thoughts are much appreciated.




    It’s not possible at I really do think you’re talking about something which looks more like Facebook’s News stream, and would require quite a lot of work. It certainly isn’t doable here.


    You might take a look at this article I just found. I have absolutely no idea about any of the services, but perhaps there is one that will gather all the feeds together and then give you one combined feed.


    Feedblendr looks promising.



    I don’t see the interactive component the OP is asking for, though.

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