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Collapse Comments in "My Comments"

  1. I think this issue has been mentioned before, but I'd like to push for this to be availible. Recently a blog that I have commented on has had an alarmingly large amount of long comments due to a discussion, which is clogging up my "My Comments" page. It always jumps to the top, and I have to scroll forever to get to the bottom of it.

    I've noticed that the page automatically collapses comments in the middle, but I'd like the option to be able to personally collapse comments. Any other views on the matter?

  2. wouldn't happen to be me would it? :P

    even if it's not, it is bothering me as well...

  3. Kevin, it probably is you. At least thats the reason Im not commenting a that (you know which, with the excessive blockquote users) post :)

    This is also a problem for me, I commented on a few of the blog post that seem to always being updated and wont go away. Also, I really dont find it necessary for the blog comments I make on my blog to appear in that section. Im going to see peoples responses when I go to the dashboard anyways.

  4. ya im not sure what to do about it..i enjoyed spirited debate...but the fact that the my comments page only can display so much text means a lot of the other pages i have commented on are shut out...

    is there a way to close a post for comments?

  5. Yep. Go to the edit page of the post you want to change and at the bottom there is a feature that allows you to close comments.

  6. thanks~!

  7. No problem. Now Lizii could have a peacefully "my comments" section and I won't be scared to comment on your blog about a hot button subject. We are all thankful that you thought of the idea to close the comments section.

  8. ^_^

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