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collapse text of entry "continue reading" link needed

  1. I'm using twentyeleven and want to not have the full text of an entry viewable, but have the "... continue reading" link . I see that the Linen theme has this functionality. Does twentyeleven have it and if so how do I set it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can insert "the more tag" into any post or or page on any theme to spilt content and have a read more link.

  3. Also note that there is an active excerpt box on the Twenty Ten theme and that means you can choose which text to enter as a "teaser" and even include a thumnail image by using the HTML editor and affect what displays on Category/Archive pages too if you wish to.

  4. Oops! re: excerpts
    You said Twenty Eeleven and not Twenty Ten - sorry.

  5. Works great. Thanks again. FWIW, I searched the Help for "collapse" and "collapse text". Wondering if you might want to add those strings as possible hits for the more tag.

  6. You're welcome. Thanks for the suggestion and best wishes with your blog.

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