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    Could you, please, undo the new “feature” of the collapsing comments field? My commenters are having difficulties leaving comments. As one person said today:

    “I can’t see cursor in this comment field. Basically, impossible to edit.”

    In fact, could you just stop messing with the comments system altogether? If something’s not broke, don’t fix it.


    The blog I need help with is


    Yeah, this is a bad idea done badly. Not sure what they were thinking, but then again I wasn’t sure what they were thinking of on all the other bad ideas they’ve implemented (or implemented poorly) over the past 6 months.



    Yes, I have to agree that it’s a terrible change. It serves no purpose whatsoever and it makes it very difficult for anyone to leave a comment that’s more than three or four lines long. If you try to scroll back up to proof your comment, the box collapses and the cursor disappears. There was nothing wrong with the previous comment box; can we go back to that, please?

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