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Collapsing each blog post

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm going to be moving my blog over to a domain that I have purchased, but before I do that, I want to possibly change my theme, or at least customize the current theme so that my blog posts are collapsed to just the title and a small preview which when clicked on, displays the whole post. Basically so I just have a list of posts which can be clicked on to display the full content of the post. How do I do that? Is it something to do with CSS? I'm quite new to WordPress and blogging so I could really do with some help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Note: I do not help with CSS editing. What I post below does not require a custom design upgrade.

    There are themes that are designed to display excerpts only on the front page of the blog. Grisaille, Inuit Types and Sight are examples but there are others as well.

    In all themes we can insert "the more tag" into posts and get the same result. Creating excerpts is also an option.

  3. I'm going to be moving my blog over to a domain that I have purchased, but before I do that, I want to possibly change my theme

    It's important to know that no themes that are designed or adapted to operate on this free hosted blogging platform can be exported and used on installs.

  4. As timethief said, if you don't want full posts on the main page, you either use the more tag (manually) or you switch to a theme that displays excerpts automatically.
    As for the CSS aspect of your question, CSS editing can change the appearance of any element, including changing its position or removing it, but it cannot create functions the theme doesn't support. So, if you're using a theme that normally displays full posts on the main page, you can easily make it display titles only, but you cannot make it display titles plus auto excerpt that links to the full post.

  5. Thanks for your help guys. I'm trying to work on it today. However, Timethief, I'm a little bit confused by your second comment. Are you saying that it will not be possible for me to transfer my blog to the domain that I have purchased for it?

  6. Don't use InuitTypes.

    It's a great Theme, but the new Dashboard has - well, let's say 'negatively affected it'.

    Only the title appears now, not the summary so your page looks really boring and as if you've published nothing but a title.

    You used to be able to add a featured image, which appeared as a thumbnail in the collapsed version and really added to the look of the page.
    Since the new dashboard was foisted on everyone (not just mobile posters), you can load a featured image ok, but you'll never see it on the page. Function no longer works at all.

    I've told the Theme developer that if this problem isn't fixable by wordpress pretty soon, I (and doubtless hundreds of others) will have to drop his Theme. Pity, I love it and there isn't another which is perfect for what I want.

  7. @diodonovan: Sorry, you're wrong. Changes in the dashboard have nothing to do with how a theme works. Inuit Types works exactly as it used to. The main posts page can display featured and/or normal posts, in one or two columns. Featured posts don't display any content, normal posts display an auto-excerpt. Both featured and normal posts will display an image if you set it as a featured image.

  8. Justpi

    You are relying here on imagination, not the fact.

    My blog certainly does not display as it used to - the summary does not appear, the typeface is different, and if I try to use the more laborious method of separately adding an 'excerpt' the screen freezes.

    How you can rely on your imagination to correct me I can't imagine.

    Hardly sci-tech.

  9. I have managed to add feature pictures - but though I say it should appear (as it used to)as a thumbnail, that isn't how it turns out. The picture covers the whole column.

    The result is, to say the least, not reader-friendly.

  10. @diodonovan:
    Click my username and check my blog to see if I'm qualified to tell you how a theme works. There's no volunteer here that knows themes better than I do, and I have even written guides to several tricky themes - including Inuit Types:
    And the idea that I "relied on my imagination" is in your imagination only: WP sometimes changes things, so naturally I tested the theme again in my tests blog before replying.

    If your blog isn't displaying things the way you think it should, then you're probably ignoring some of its features and options. Try studying the post I linked to. If you can't figure things out, you can switch your blog to the middle privacy option so we can see it and tell you what you're doing wrong.

  11. You are both probably correct (in a way). @justpi is correct that dashboard changes would not have affected how a theme appears on the front end. So, @diodonovan, it's quite possible something else is at play in your case. To get help with a theme, you should post in the themes forum at and make sure to include your blog URL, mention what theme you are using, and provide a clear explanation of the problem.

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