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    I am working within this theme, but It has been tweaked here and there.
    The post page is connected to “Hvordan videoer” (How to videoes)
    and is contributing to the “view all videos” page.
    I am wondering:
    How can I go on to a post page #2 and still be connected to the “view all videos” page?
    At this stage, I am hesitant to just go on and “try” this and that.

    I will be grateful for answers.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Nina, I’m not sure I’m clear on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Could you provide links to the specific pages/posts so I can take a look directly?


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    This page:
    is the post page. When choosing a post and- in what’s the case here – you watch a video. In that post, you get the option to view this page:

    What I think could be a good thing, if possible, would be to have another page like this: not to have to scroll and scroll. BUT, it would have to also be “hooked up” to the video-grid page.
    I suspect it’s impossible, because you have only 1 post page, yes?


    Well, for some reason the links didn’t get in here, so I’ll try again with
    plain text:

    Post page:
    Post looks something like this:

    Video grid page:



    It sounds like perhaps you’re looking for a new template in Collections? Since Collections is a premium theme, it has its own forum, where the theme’s developer will be able to have a look at your suggestion directly. Feel free to post there:


    Thanks, will do.
    Concern is maybe low traffic there, but I’ll give it a try.

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