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    I’m a new user, not familliar with css coding. Just strating a blog and trying to make it look as I would like to. Now I just want to change background color in Collumnist theme in the main collumn(the roght one) . Can you help me with that?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, add the following to your custom CSS. Go to Appearance > Customize, click on CSS, delete the informational text and then paste in the CSS below and edit the color.

    #main:after {
        background: #F2F2F2;


    Works! Just great! Thanks a lot!


    You are welcome.



    Here I am again. Unfortunately for you, your help opened new possibilities ;-) Now I would like to change left column also – can you help me with that?



    I’ve managed to change the color of left column but it seems like it has different size then the main one ( it changes, depending on content lenth). Can I somehow fix it that is no shorter than …px?. I just want to have the colour (different than white) same till the end of the page…now I just have a box in chosen color and the rest remains white.


    Hi, add the following to the end of your custom CSS and see it this gets you what you are looking for.

    #main:before, .site-footer {
        background: none;


    Great! Your advices helped me a lot. Hope it was my last question. Thanks once more.



    Is there any magic trick to add blank line (or just move text to the next paragraph) in blog decription?


    @mariaszajer, The site description is typically used for a short statement telling what the blog is about. The following would get you what you want I think. Basically you keep the first paragraph in the site description and then you add the second paragraph using CSS. The second paragraph would be added between the quote marks in the following where it says TEXT_HERE. You would then remove the second paragraph of text from your site description at Settings > General.

    You would add the following to the custom CSS at Appearance > Customize > CSS. Delete the informational text.

    .site-title:after {
        content: "TEXT_HERE.";
        position: relative;
        top: 15px;

    If you want more than two paragraphs, it gets more complex, but could be done.

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