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    Hello there,

    I have changed my imbalance 2 footer by using CSS and it all worked fine. I’ve been using it for a while now. However: All of a sudden, my footer area is showing in grey instead of white although the color is defined to be white…

    I have been using an image as site background and switched to a plain color lately and I am pretty sure the problem didn’t occur until the switch. Does anyone know how to solve that?

    I’d be very grateful for your help!


    The blog I need help with is


    I checked and the footer background looks white to me right now. I see that you have a rule in your custom CSS which is working to make the area behind the menu in the footer white in the Impalance 2 theme:

    #footer-left {
    	background-color: #fff;

    It looks like you re-saved that setting on 6/12 and it’s working now. If you still need help, please reply back again and change the topic setting to “not resolved.”



    thanks for helping!

    yeah, actually, it is showing in white right now (it didn’t before or after I re-saved the design). Maybe that was just a browser problem or something which is weird because it showed in grey both in firefox and in safari. I’m confused. But as long as it stays white right now, I’m happy :)


    I think it was caused by a temporary update on our side that was reverted later. Sorry for the trouble!!

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