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Color changer notice

  1. When testing the color changer at Appearance → Customize it shows a yellow warning box (cd-notice).

    This feature is a part of Custom Design. Purchase to make it live or exit the preview.

    The first part is translated. I also found it in GlotPress.

    The second sentence one the other hand is still untranslated. It seems I can only find the first part, but not the "or exit the preview" part.

    Is this another case of translating words instead of phrases?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks, Martin. We're checking into it.

    Have a good weekend and thanks as always for your help.

  3. Hi Brandon,

    thanks for checking. Hope you have a good weekend as well. :)

  4. Have you forgot about it? In this case consider this little post just a reminder. :)


  5. Thanks Martin. The code itself was fixed so that string could be translated a few days ago, but not seeing everything pushing through yet. I'm asking for a second set of eyes to help move this along.

    I appreciate the reminder!

  6. Thanks. :)

    I guess you mean another set of 'Automattician' eyes, do you? Or are you asking for my set of eyes?

  7. My apologies—yes, I needed someone to look at the code to see why it wasn't working :-).

    The string is now in Glotpress and just waiting to deploy the updated de translation file ( )


  8. I've corrected a typo in the yoavf's translation. "Vorschau" needed to be capitalized as it's a noun.

    By the way, I didn't know Yoav Fahri speaks german. :)


  9. Great. .de has been deployed, so if things are still amiss, please let me know.

    I didn't know that either ;-).

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