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    I mainly want to change color and style of font – do I need the upgrade? Also when I upgrade is all the html visible and I just make adjustments? (the reason I ask what may seem like a silly question, is the way they explain the upgrade here is that that it’s a blank page that I can put html into) Thanks in advance. JG



    First of all, we need a direct link to your blog. We need to check it out before we can give you appropriate answers.


    oh sorry. Don’t know if you need this –

    or this which is my redirect –



    The CSS upgrade does not allow modification to the underlying theme files (HTML). CSS is Cascading Style Sheet, which controls only the way things look on the blog (colors, fonts, etc.). What you put into the CSS, isn’t HTML, it is different.

    There is no official support for the CSS upgrade, and few here in the forums that have any indepth experience with CSS, so it is best if you educate yourself before buying it. WordPress provides a “preview” function under design > edit CSS that allows you to see how your changes effect your blog and it is a good idea to use that and try things out before you purchase.

    You can look at the CSS for your theme by going to design > edit CSS, and clicking on the “CSS stylesheet” link you see there.

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