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    Was wondering if I have a browser issue or if there was some server-side reason that I cannot get the Original Red color option for WP-Andreas09



    Which browser are you using?

    I have always had an issue with that theme in IE, but never in FF or Opera.


    Am an avid Firefox user and thus, IE has become less reliable on my machine



    Worked for me on my test blog without any issue using Netscape 7.1. Are you getting any sort of error when you try to switch? What’s preventing this change to occur? (ie What are you seeing?)


    For some time I used the Original Red and just the other day I noticed that the red in the header was white. The blogroll links and such still had the red, it was just the header where I have my blog name and description.

    Right now the “original red” selection on the admin side is there (Presentation>Colour Options), but the color preview tile shows a white box. No errors have popped up on screen.



    I just tried this on my test blog. I used the drop-down color selector, chose “original red” and clicked “save changes”. It’s there, it’s red and it’s looking fine. I have no idea why it isn’t working for you.

    Image Colour Settings
    Select colour from list:


    I’m on a different computer now and was able to get the orig. red option OK. Will try on my computer @ home later on.



    Thanks for updating us. :)


    Thanks for the supportive inquiries. I’m back on my computer and the orig. red in Andreas09 shows up just fine now. Must have been a stubborn spell my machine was going through (but we all know that computers never do anything like that ;-) )



    Well, it’s good to hear that infernal machine finally gave in and did the right thing … he,he.. cheers. :)

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