color text anyone?

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    how great would it be if we had a color palatte on the edit icon bar so that we could colorize our text sometimes? whadaya think?



    Meh! ;)

    Actually, I rather like plain black text. Makes it easy to read.

    I could see some of the teens writing every word or every letter in a different colour which would really put me (and probably others too!) off reading their blogs.


    That’s fine to like plain black text and I respect your point. You wouldn’t ever need to use it, but other people could if they liked. It just isn’t a black and white world for everyone. ;)



    Rather than colour, I’d love to be able to adjust font size without having to go into HTML mode.

    If people format their blogs offensively, the decreased traffic is their problem. Part of blogging (especially on more flexible sites than has to do with the art of design.


    Um, this feature (coloring) is already available. If you’re in the rich editor, hit alt+b. At least for me, this brings up an advanced editing toolbar that has a color palette.



    Thanks gereraldisa!! I really didn’t know about this advanced editing toolbar. I think that’s why we should read regurarly on forum to get used to WP. Now I can add colour text. I found that when I transfer text from word it get destorted. Is there any way to paste text directly from word as it is?



    TBH I wouldn’t transfer from Word as it has funny coding that’s MS Specific. I would write in a plain text editor (Notepad for example) and then copy and paste that instead.




    but in notepad can we edit our writing like font size or colour text like that?



    No, it’s a plain text only editor.

    Word uses different codes for bold and colour and font size that WP doesn’t understand.

    The alternative of course is to write straight into the WP editor and then “save and continue editing” which will save as a draft.



    ooops!! That’s really messy work. sometime I really fed up as i transfer text to wp. basically i want my writings spel checked so i use word as wp spell checker is not reliable.

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