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    All of a sudden, I’m getting a band of deep blue running under the title line on ALL my pages, except not the home page. Most of my website are static pages and then the one blog page – all are affected. I’ve emailed Tech support and gotten no reply, and with the weekend coming on, not expecting one. It’s making me crazy! Anyone experienced this? Thanks much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. If you are talking about the blog linked to your username, we can’t help you because it’s private and we can’t see what you are talking about or what’s causing it… You’ll need to wait for support to assist you in that case or temporarily make the blog public.


    Thanks for your reply. I’ve made it public…I was about to, anyway. The url is



    I’m no CSS expert, but it looks like you have the Custom Design upgrade and added this code:

    h1 {

    Try removing the line that says “background-color:blue;”



    I’m getting a band of deep blue running under the title line on ALL my pages, except not the home page.

    I see exactly what you mean. Have you done any CSS editing on this theme?



    lol :D


    Gee, I didn’t get the CSS upgrade…how could that have happened? I’ve put some code into widgets for font size and style., but the blue bars just suddenly appeared yesterday (right when I signed up w/ WordPress for one year’s hosting and domain name). But I didn’t get the CSS upgrade.



    Could you please go to Appearance > Custom Design and click on the CSS tab and tell me if you see the code I quoted earlier?



    Further down, you should see two buttons: a white one that says “Preview” and a blue one. What does the blue one say?


    airodyssey, you are a genius! Yes, the code was there and I removed it and all is good. Thanks so much! Thanks to you, too, timethief. Your prompt attention has saved me from stewing all weekend. I have no idea how that happened, but now I know where to look if it happens again.

    Question: I don’t know much about CSS, but wouldn’t that code mean the headline type itself would be Yellow on that blue background?


    Yes, that code would try to make any h1 element have yellow text and a blue background. However, if there were any more specific rules also in place then those would override what you put in your custom CSS. For example, this:

    #content .entry-title

    is more specific than


    as far as selectors go. So your custom CSS would need to use the first one in order to change the specific font color rule that is already set in the theme CSS.


    If I wanted to make the background an image instead, what would I write?
    (my site is and right now I have colored bars before each post begins)



    You are using Twenty Eleven and this is Twenty Ten thread. Please post your own thread using this link >


    To add a background image to post headings in the Twenty Eleven theme, try this:

    header .entry-title {
      background: url(;
      height: auto;

    Use a different image URL of course.

    If you do that, you may want to also move the comment bubble down like this:

    .entry-header .comments-link a {
      top: 5.5em;

    Adjust the 5.5em as necessary.


    Doh, timethief is right about the new thread part. I should’ve refreshed. Please make a new thread. :)



    Good day to you. :) She did create a new thread for another issue. However, I’m using Firefox 9.0.1 and the colored boxes are appearing above your post titles and not behind them in my browser.


    You’re amazing, thanks! Sorry for piggy-backing off this post. :X

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