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    Hi. I have a question, and I’m pretty sure it’s been asked plenty of times, but this has just recently happened, and I’m trying to look for questions that are similar to what I’ve asked and also for a solution. Since I cant find it, I’m asking my question here.

    I know how to insert a link into the words so it will create a hyperlink inside the word when you click on it. I’ve been able to color the hyperlinks to yellow on my page for quite a while. I havent been on my blog for a few days, and now when I’m posting I cant color my hyperlink to the color I want. Is it due to the fact that I HAVE to NOW subscribe to the CSS feed? I even cleaned out my cache files, rebooted my conp, and the problem still exist. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t help without a link to the blog, starting with http.



    oops. sorry.

    you will notice that on some of the posts I’ve colored the hyperlinks yellow, but the most recent ones have been in the default color.


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    example of what you have:

    <span style="color:#ffff00;"><strong>UPDATE [10/09/10]:</strong></span>
     CRS – Dont Stop! [
    <span style="color:#ffff00;"><a href="">download</a></span>]

    what you should have:
    <span style="color:#ffff00;"><strong>UPDATE [10/09/10]:</strong></span> CRS – Dont Stop! [<a href=""><span style="color:#ffff00;">download</span></a>]

    You need to put the span tags inside the a tags.


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    hmm.. so does that mean i have to do it manually, now? because the way I’ve been doing it, I would always highlight the word and just select the color. that’s it. =/

    if so, then that’s what it is.


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    It might merit a note to staff:


    The editor has SOOOOOO many issues right now it is ridiculous.


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    Just when I got used to the old quirks, they bring on a new set…


    As far as coloring links is concerned, I don’t see any new quirks: in the visual editor you just have to highlight the text and color it first, then highlight it again to turn it into a link.


    The problem is that the font color button isn’t working for many. You click it and nothing happens, even on plain text. I’ve duplicated that issue.



    @panaghiotisadam ~ unfortunately, that process used to work.

    Just today I’ve lost the ability to color hyperlinks. Doesn’t work in the visual editor at all. If I color first, the addition of the link strips out the color. If I link and then color, it doesn’t take.

    The only way I can create a colored link is to switch to the html editor and do it manually.

    This is a new problem for me. Since it’s being discussed already, can I assume the folks in support know about it, or should I send in my own report?

    (I have been able to change color on plain text intermittently.)



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