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colour of "visited" in forums tag pages

  1. Dear staff - like the new layout! Very good!
    Just one thing - can we have a "visited" colour for the links, please? It makes it a good deal easier to navigate.

  2. If we've started giving feedback: love the clean, clean look, love the overall larger font size.

    Two small negative feedbacks: as boblets said, some differentiation in visited link color, please, and the font size for the Favorites links on our "Favorites" page needs to be made larger. For my aging eyes it's not easily readable and, design-wise, it's way out of proportion to the rest of the fonts on that page.

  3. The visited links will be addressed, Matt T. will fix that. The fonts issue he hasn't seen yet - your post was made just as he left. But he knows the thread is here.

  4. Thanks for the quick catch, Mark. Cheers!

  5. Hi guys — thanks for the feedback. I've added a visited style for tags, forum topic lists, the home page and our blog. I've also worked on the formatting of the Favorites page Jennifer mentioned.

    I'll be continuing to tweak things and squash the little bugs over the next few days, particularly in the forums. I'll spare everyone the big "Under Construction" graphic. :)

  6. Just noticed on my Favorites page, thanks Matt!

  7. Thank you for the very clean look! & yours guy's hard work much appreciated
    Keep up the great job :)

  8. One thing if possible could we please have the
    function of smilies like we have on our blogs it
    would look more cleaner then the text version smilies... :)


  9. Good schtuff!!

  10. nooo.. please, no smilies in the forum... :-(

  11. since theres request going all through the place. Is there any widgets that weren't available for use on blogs that we can now use? I really like the blogrush widget, is it possible to make special accommodations for that widget.

    And yes to smilies, :-o

  12. Nice job on the forum redesign for the most part. It took me a while to see there was indeed a difference in the link colors now. The difference between the two is pretty small. I also find the gray text a bit difficult to read. It would be easier for me if it was a tad darker.

    And I vote no for smilies.

  13. Another no vote for smilies.

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