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    I’ve just customized the basics of my page and it looks fine in the costumizer. But when I open the page outside of the costumizer to check it, the colours of the header picture fade and get strangely pale. I’d like the picture to keep its original colours.
    Does it have to do that there seems to be a kind of link “behind” this picture? When I move the mouse over it, the colours get brighter again. What can I do to remove the link (I won’t need it) and keep the colours?
    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Twenty thirteen header: is it possible to change the colour of the text inside header? I don’t like black colour…


    Hi marsolymusica –

    To make this change you’d need to upgrade to a plan that includes premium design. This type of adjustment will require custom CSS work. We can help make the change but the upgrade is required.

    More information about CSS is available in this guide:

    Plan details are found at

    Write back with any other questions :)


    michaela56 –

    The same rules apply here. You’d need to upgrade to a plan with premium design in order to access and edit the CSS.


    Can I edit images when posting blogs? or Do I have edit before uploading to new image box?


    themontessoristyle –

    It’s best to open up your own new thread. This way all of your communication is in one place and it will be less confusing.

    Here is some information about editing images:

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