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    Greetings! A small but annoying problem:both left and right margins are outside the borders of the left (text) column on my blog. Is there a way (outside of HTML which I can’t do) to widen the column so visitors can read the text without arrowing back and forth, back and forth? THX!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m looking at your site in FF 3.0.8 and all the text is inside the main column. What browser are you viewing your site in?



    Hi Jennifer – I have both a Mac (Firefox, Camino or Safari) and a PC (Explorer). I’ve had at least one friend tell me she has noticed the same problem with my blog. Now that you mention it, it’s only the PC that shows me these vertical arrow/bars and cut off text. When I’m editing, or opening the site from my Mac (when I can see the “EDIT” buttons) it all looks great! But since most of my contacts are probably using Explorer on their PCs, does this mean they’ll see the annoying version too? Many thanks!




    Do you have the CSS upgrade? You haven’t posted from Opera, have you?

    I can see that the large image on the front page of your blog is too wide for your content column; that could be related to the issue. Make sure your content is no wider than the column, and usually 5px smaller is safer.


    Raincoaster is right: you’ve scaled the image to 475px while the maximum width for the theme you’re using is 470.

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