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    Hi. I’m using the standard Columnist theme off the shelf – no CSS changes. I’ve just noticed that the breaks being automatically generated for abbreviating words no longer seem to be working correctly. For example, you’ll notice that even in the title, the blog reads “Jim Ellis I” on one line and “nsights” on the next. That had not been happening previously. And the abbreviation problems continue for each headline, both when it’s displayed on the home page and within each individual blog post as well. Today’s headline reads, “GOP Pani” on the top line and “c Prematu” on the second line. I’m in Firefox 15.0. Is it a browser issue? Anything you can do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have a ticket in about this particular issue and are discussing the best fix.



    Hi there,
    This is now happening on Twenty Twelve too. I decided not to create a separate thread as it’s the same issue.



    I had no choice but to switch to Able until Themes Staff fix this issue with Twenty Twelve.



    Hooray! Themes Staff are on the forum maybe there’s hope for a quick fix on Twenty Twelve and The Columnist as they had the same bug. .



    The word-wrapping issues in The Columnist have been fixed.

    We are aware of the issue with Twenty Twelve, and a fix is coming soon. Since Twenty Twelve is the default core theme, it is important to test all angles of the fix to make sure it does not break other areas. Once we have a fix for Twenty Twelve, we’ll let you know. We appreciate your patience. :)



    Thanks so much for the response. I’m eagerly waiting the fix. :)



    @timethief The Twenty Twelve widget issue is fixed now also. Thanks for the reports.


    I still have the word-wrap problem with The Columnist. The only post I have on my site so far starts with the words “Under Construction,” except that when one clicks on the title on the front page, when the article comes up, the title on the left side says “Under Constructi” and the next line has the “on.” I’ve tried various permutations and adding other words and they also don’t always wrap.

    Also, The Columnist theme is shown on the demo under “Themes” as having cool images behind the titles of the articles. I assume these are purported to be images (or parts of images) taken from the fake articles therein. Yet I see no way of making this happen once I select that theme. My aforementioned article has merely a grey box behind the title on the front page. I haven’t paid for any upgrades; I assume the version I see in the demo is the baseline.

    Any help? Thanks in advance. The blog I’m asking about is


    Actually, I figured out the title-image thing for the front page. Featured image. No need to address that. I guess it helps when I fully read about the theme I’m using, eh?!

    Still have the word-wrap (or rather, mid-word break) problem, though. Again, thanks in advance for any advice.




    If you are still having trouble with word break in the columnist theme, try using a soft hyphen ­ This will tell the theme where to break the word if it is too large to fit in the bounding box.

    For example, “Under Construction” becomes “Under Construc­tion”



    Sorry the above post removed the html for the soft hyphen, just as it should. The softhyphen is ­ So Under Construction becomes Under Construc­tion



    nigelsimonsdq – Apologies for the late reply. Are you still having any word-wrapping problems in The Columnist? If you are, would you mind providing a link to a post with the issue? Thanks very much!

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