Columnist theme. This is just inaceptable. Words longer than 10 characters.

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    Words longer than 10 characters not fitting in post titles.

    This is just inaceptable. I write both in spanish and basque and there is no chance to put all the things together. Also people send me articles and i am not going to tell them to cut their titles.

    And no, i can´t modify the CSS.

    The columnist right now it hasnt the quality required to be a free wordpress theme for just that reason.

    Reconsider making some changes please.


    Even the title of this post will be break in the theme because “inaceptabl-e”. Please, the theme is very good but it is a nonsense.


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    Are you talking about the line breaks in the titles of your posts?

    Is this the site you are talking about:


    yes, that is. I am speaking about word breaking in the titles.

    For example:

    In that post “movimiento” is a full word.


    (sorry my english is not very good but i am trying to explain).

    I changed the theme yesterday and put the columnist, but several words are broken in the post titles. If they have 9-10 characters, if they have 8 but a symbol in the last word (for example ó) etc..

    in the designer CSS is put 46px for post titles (h1 i think), and that is just too much and there is no space for severals words.


    in the main page there is no problem. The problem is located in the posts when you use long words for titles (explained as before). The words get divided (as i wrote ,”movimien” in one line and “to” in another line) and the title is very hard to read and very confusing.


    You can do a simple test, name a post “Washington is a state in the Pacific” the result will be :

    on is a state
    in the Pacific


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    Yes, I see what you mean. I’ll modlook this so the theme team will see it and perhaps there will be a solution.

    Otherwise you may have to rely on individually using the few inline styling for post titles that are possible (in some themes, I don’t know how many or which—maybe yours—but it would be hand-done, one by one).


    Ok i will check that. Thank you for your time 1tess.


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    You are welcome.
    A gentle correction, but it should be UNaceptable. I hope you don’t mind.
    To get you on the search, which sorry I’m about to fall asleep, look at code related to spacing. & nbsp ; is one but there are others too for breaks or such. I just can’t remember now…


    I will try thank you, and no, i don´t mind haha, inaceptable is the spanish word for unaceptable and i got confused. :]



    Hi borrokagaraia,

    The Columnist Theme uses a CSS property called “word-wrap” on the post titles to prevent long titles from overflowing into the post area. I’m afraid the only way to remove the word wrap at this point is with CSS. The following CSS would do the trick:

    .site-title h1,
    .single-title h1 {
        word-wrap: normal;

    You could also adjust the size of the site titles with CSS, as you noted in your post.

    I’ll bring this up with our team for consideration. I can’t make any promises, but I apologize for the inconvenience and know it is frustrating.



    Hello again!

    After discussing with our team, we’ve decided to keep the word-wrapping in The Columnist, because it’s currently the best solution we have that benefits the widest number of users.

    I understand that you find the word-wrapping annoying, but you can remedy it with CSS, or by using shorter words in your titles when possible.



    Long titles don´t overflow into the post area if H1 has a correct and coherent value. And it hasn´t. It forces 46 px. With that number words longer than 8-9 charaters wil be broken in the title like this:

    on is a state
    in the Pacific

    The best and only solution is to reduce H1 fonts to 36px, so the most words can be allowed in the title ,even 40px will do the trick. Now more than 40% can´t.

    I can´t believe that benefits any single person that uses that theme. Of course, that is the reason because that theme is the 182nd most popular theme. Yeah, Not popular at all and now i know why but too late.

    Check the Awesome blog using The Columnist in the official page of the theme and click in every single post. The titles… most are broken.

    I feel sorry, really sorry for my readers, because i failed them and that is sad . They didn´t deserve that. But i suppose i was the problem because i didn´t full check that a very important part for a blog like the post titles (SEO, catch attention to click on it, and so on..) is really broken for every, and i say every one of us who use that theme.

    Yesterday i was speaking with a reader who is one of the best fans of my blog, the first thing he told me it was: What happened with the titles?.

    Do you know what a dedicated blogger who really loves to blog with passion feels hearing things like that?. I have been stressed since that moment :)

    Of course, it is your deccision and i can´t do anything about it. wordpress has given me the chance to blog and i am very grateful but at the same time and i would have never thought i would feel something like this.

    I am not a child and i suppose wich is the real reason to mantain broken that theme. And really , i mean really, i thought wordpress was better than that. And i think with time you will reconsider, it will be too late for me. And if you don´t, every person should know what happens with that theme to not fail their readers like i did.

    I don´t want to sound rude, and if i did i am sorry. Thank you for your time.


    Tha last thing i would want to add:

    Now you have added to the official theme page another url:

    That is a good H1. but of course she changed the font with css.


    Cheers for the feedback, @borrokagaraia. The issue with The Columnist theme is one that we’ve chatted a ton about, and we feel it’s best to leave it as-is.

    The only alternative is to take advantage of a Custom CSS upgrade to modify the site title to your liking; if you’d rather not do that, then a shorter title will have to do.

    All of your feedback is totally appreciated, though. It’s something we talk about and consider with pretty much every theme we launch on, and it’s certainly not our goal to make you frustrated!

    Thanks again.

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